Panther Creek Medical Offices
Huffman Development
Frisco, TX
Completion Date:
October 2019
Project Overview

Usually, a project that involves 2,000 feet of water, 1,500 feet of sewer, and 3,500 feet of storm drainage would be a rather sizable job in its own right. That’s where our work started on Panther Creek Medical Offices in Frisco, but the big task for Moss Utilities was the installation of the second-largest ACO Stormbrixx Detention System in the United States.

The Stormbrixx is made entirely of strong, lightweight plastic, which distributes weight evenly, holds more water than other detention systems, and has a much faster install time than a traditional system. We had never installed a Stormbrixx system, or even seen one installed for that matter. With help from the manufacturer, our crews learned how to install it, and actually finished installation a few weeks ahead of schedule in October 2019.

Our foreman, Wuilfrido, did outstanding work on this project. He did an incredible job communicating with our customer, Huffman Development, learning how to install the Stormbrixx system, and being diligent about doing it right the first time.

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