The safety of our
team comes first.
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We never compromise
on safety.
Safety is of the utmost importance to us. We opened our doors to a highly recommended 3rd party safety training company, National Safety Training Solutions. NSTS manages our safety program from new hire training, developing our safety manual, conducting random and monthly job site safety inspections, performing ongoing training, monthly foreman safety meetings, and yearly company safety meetings. NSTS holds all members of Moss Utilities accountable as we instill an uncompromising culture of safety throughout our team.
Robust New Hire Safety Training
We have a robust safety program for our team. It thoroughly covers job site awareness, trench safety, soil classifications, and more. Ultimately we train everyone on our team to take safety ownership.
Jobsite Safety Inspections
We don't stop at internal safety inspections. We have a 3rd party safety training company perform frequent inspections of all our active job sites.
Daily Jobsite JHAs
Each crew completes a Job Hazard Analysis on every Moss project daily. We aim to be proactive, not reactive to safety situations.
Ongoing Safety Training
We make sure to refresh our people on safety training on an on-going basis. If you only learn it once, the likelihood that you'll forget it is much higher. We train our crews to always be safe.
Safety Bonuses & Awards
While safety always comes first at Moss, we do offer incentives for our team to keep it top-of-mind. By using bonuses and awards for safety reports or reporting job site hazards, we ensure everyone—including ourselves—is held accountable.
Safety first, then production
Garrett Moss, President
"We've always treated it where we have an unlimited budget for trench safety. We're never going to tell you that you have to hurry, hurry, hurry and use the stuff that makes it unsafe. Slow down, get the right equipment, get what you need, and you always have the ability to shut down a job no matter who you are if you feel unsafe."
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