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Public Works
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We serve a higher purpose of supporting local communities, using decades of experience laying every type of pipe imaginable with our capable team. We are ready for any utility project, no matter how challenging, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We take pride in being laser-focused on utility work, constantly sharpening our skills so we are able to tackle the most complex projects.
Storm Drainage
Storm drainage systems are critical infrastructure to ensure our communities don't flood. We self perform all aspects of storm drain utility construction.
Storm Drainage
  • RCP Pipe, PVC Pipe
  • Inlets: Curb, Grate
  • Safety End Treatments
  • Detention Systems, Box Culverts
  • Self-Perform Concrete Structures: Headwalls, Junction Boxes, etc.
Sanitary Sewer
Often overlooked and unappreciated in society, sanitary sewer utilities are critical to our modern way of life. We take great satisfaction in providing such an essential service to our communities.
Sanitary Sewer
  • Public & Private Sewer Mains
  • Force Main
  • Manholes
  • Lift Stations (we self-perform all mechanical work)
  • Residential & Commercial Sewer Services
Installing water pipe isn't rocket science, but it's important to do it right.  Our crews work day in and day out to install and test water utilities so our cities can transport clean, safe drinking water to our homes and businesses.
  • Public and Private Water Mains
  • Large Meters, Small Meters
  • Fire Lines and Service
Fire Lines
The first job we ever did was a fire line installation. Although we've grown as a company, we still take on fire line projects. We are RME-U Licensed in the State of Texas to perform underground fire main installation to within one foot above finish floor.
Fire Lines
  • Remote Fire Department Connections
  • Fire Lines and Service
Duct Banks
We also specialize in underground duct bank system installation. Our concrete encasement designs and craftsmanship increase the longevity and integrity of installed systems.
Duct Banks
  • Fully-Encased Duct Bank Installation
  • MEP Duct Bank Excavation and Backfill
Emergency Services
When there's a water line or sewer main break, time is of the essence. We offer emergency services to fix broken utilities. Contact us today to get a quick quote!
Emergency Services
  • Emergency utility service for private or public owners, 24 hours a day. Any size water or sewer main that needs emergency repair, we can handle. Contact us today to get a quick quote!
Project Highlight
Panther Creek Medical Offices
Aside from 7,000 feet of utilities laid, Panther Creek also included the installation of a new ACO Stormbrixx Detention System.
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